We set up our business in 2000 as an agency for marketing textile yarns mainly produced in India, Indonesia and China.


By 2005 we created our company İpon Tekstil Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti and started export and import of various kinds of yarns from India,China, Indonesia and Türkiye.



Today, we import different type of yarns such as Polyester Flament, Spun Polyester and kind of blended yarns like polyester/viscose, polyester/acrylic in dyed and rw for  upholstery, velvet and carpet industries.



Our exports are mainly from Türkiye to some countries like Egypt, Algeria, S.Africa, S.Arabia, U.A.E. 
We do international transit trading as well. Our export products are mainly 100 % Acrylic RX, HB and Fancy yarns.



We sell such yarns as RW and dyed DTY, Polyester spun yarns, polyester/viscose and polyester/acrylic blended yarns in local market. We import these yarns mainly from India and China.